Frequently Asked Questions

About Jim Browning

How does Jim "find" or connect to scammers?

Jim's methods etc are not publicly known, and he intends to keep them that way to ensure that his technique cannot be easily mitigated by scammers. We understand that many users are super curious or just want to do the same thing to help take down scammers, however it simply cannot be risked that a scammer could learn the technique(s). Additionally, it is technically illegal.

It can't be illegal, Jim does it?

This is correct. Jim does do it, but also knows it is illegal and understands the risks. Even Jim himself strongly advises against trying to do what he does and to stick to scambaiting.

Can Jim teach me to do something?

Jim is not a tutor/teacher - and unfortunately the time it would take to do this would detract from the time he has available to do what he already does. If you want to learn something about scambaiting, check out the scambaiting FAQ or ask the community for tips

I have been scammed! Can Jim get them back for me?

Shorthand, no. Jim is not a personal "vigilante", nor is he a vigilante at all, despite how he is portrayed. You can check out the #scambaiting-faq for more information about what you can do.

How can I support Jim Browning?

We understand that not everyone can give money, so like his videos, share them with your communities (especially the older generations), retweet his posts etc. and get his content out there.

Beyond that, Jim Browning sometimes asks the community for help by targeting a particular call centre or website for scambaiting attempts, you can be mentioned for when this happens by getting the Assistant role from the #roles channel in the Community Discord.

If you would like to financially support Jim and what he does, you can do so a number of ways;